Europa, USA, China

4 Offices

Internationale Paal-Offices
  • Paal GmbH | Blumentalstraße 2-4 | 42859 Remscheid
  • +49-(0)2191-9060


Europa, USA, China

4 Offices

Internationale Paal-Offices
Paal Gruppe

Highest precision
in processing.

Paal - that's quality! And it is not only the continuous growth
since it's foundation in 1945 which gives proof.

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Disc Spring, shim rings,
Retaining Rings and more

Safety guaranteed. Even in large constructions
the smallest components count.


Paal - that's quality!
Since 1945.

We promise warehousing & production
for our costumers.

Paal Lager, Passcheiben, Tellerfedern, Sicherungsringe

Over 3.000m²
storage area

5.000 pallets and 15.000 Small products subjects.

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Locking rings, shim rings, cup springs and more

Quality products for your safety

Paal Qualität

It is out philosophy of quality

to include all processes from mere production up to internal processes.


And it is our own understanding

to act as an external production site and warehouse of our customers.

Rostfreie Sicherungsringe

We see our mission in

advising our customers in technical matters and in finding mutually the best solution.

Paal Tellerfedern

Disc springs

DIN 2093

Sperzahnscheiben - Paal Unternehmensgruppe

Lock washers

Custom made

Klemm- / Fächerscheiben - Paal Unternehmensgruppe

Self-Locking Rings

for shafts without groove


Paal – that’s quality! And it is not only the continuous growth since it’s foundation in 1945 which gives proof. Our philosophy of quality does not only focus on production but it includes all other processes within our company.

We stick to our policy to be your adviser for technical questions with the aim to find mutually the best solution. We consider ourselves as the external production line or warehouse of our customers.

Paal-Service: That means uninterrupted quality from production until dispatch

Sicherungsringe Paal
Processing of orders

All orders of the Paal Enterprises Group are entered centralized into the EDP – System IBM. And they are going to leave our Remscheid facilities the same day.
We have two packing lines, one for delivery by mail and the other one for delivery by freight.
Company Service Trucks.

Lieferung von Sicherungsringen, Passscheiben und Tellerfedern

Freight deliveries also leave our premises on the same evening and will be arriving within 24 hours latest at customer’s end. We have swap trailers of our hauler Mäuler on our work yard and we are loading them during the day.

Behälterbefüllung Sicherungsringe
Container loading

If requested, we of course will load the goods directly into customers own containers and deliver them on a fixed day during the week. Alternatively we can load goods unpacked in bulk into our own containers and deliver them directly to the production lines of our customers.

Lager: Passcheiben Edelstahl

We are holding special security stocks, also for our customers. That means that an immediate and unexpected increase of consumption at customer’s end must not lead to bottlenecks.
Virtual stocks of customers at Paal’s are feasible as well as ordering via EDIFACT or PAAL Online.

PAAL –Die Verbindung zum Ganzen.


In case of questions or needs for information Please phone us Tel.: +49 (0) 2191 906-0 or send us a mail